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Louisiana born, Texas raised lyrical creator OG Kee picked up the pen in 2015. Since a young adolescent, Kee has been performing on stages for many different occasions. From piano recitals to dance competitions, OG has never been afraid to put on a show. 

Poetry and class writing assignments built the foundation of the pen behind the lyricist, but watching battle rap is what sharpened the edge. Heavily influenced by the creativity behind the bars, Kee has become a heavy spitter on the mic. 

Her naturally aggressive demeanor but relaxed persona influenced a childhood friend to refer to her as “OG” one day and the rest was history. Kee, coming from her first name Kiana, changed her social media name to “KeeTheOG” and everyone quickly started calling her such. When she made the decision to get in the rap game, naturally, the name fit perfectly. 

The strong influence of hip hop came about when OG was just a toddler. “Throwing bows” was a daily activity on the way to daycare with her dad. Ludacris introduced Kee to a whole new world and quickly became her first favorite rapper. She would later be introduced to many strong lyrical acts throughout her childhood. As she grew older and began understanding the hard work and strength behind creating music, J.Cole and Fabolous became critical influences on her perception of the craft. 

Headphones in while strutting down the hallways of high school, OG roamed into her English AP class senior year not realizing everything was about to change. An assignment to create a rap video on figurative language was the start of something magnificent. Getting first place, an A , and placement on the wall of writers achievements, excitement sparked and got Kee’s wheels spinning about making music. Ironically, her dad was in the process of building an in home studio so he could create beats. She began writing to the beats on her free time. Going off to college with jokes about becoming a rapper, her father sent her a mic in the mail so she could begin recording in her dorm room. Rapping became a hobby and participating in rap challenges kept her pen moving and developing. Eventually, Kee decided enough was enough and it was time to take herself serious. 

After letting her guard down, OG Kee started going to the studio the summer of 2019. With months of practicing, she still wasn’t confident enough to release a song. She moved back to Texas, then Covid hit. During the pandemic she decided  it was finally time to chase her dreams full on. She wrote the Live On The Air EP during that time. Once the pandemic let up, she became a teacher and was coaching volleyball. Frequently booking studio sessions with engineer Wazhanin Steve built the confidence she needed to release her first single, Rule 24.5 in 2020. The following year OG Kee would take a year away from music to refocus and prepare for what was to come. 

Picking the pen back up, the last quarter of 2022 was filled with determination, drive, and hunger. OG Kee released a project every month and ended with a game winning Christmas banger. 2023 started the year of performances. The last week of January, OG hit the stage for the first time and seen just how far she could go. Every week was a new performance, leading her to SXSW. The connections created through her performing from Killeen, Austin and Houston led her to travel to New York City, Kansas City and Los Angeles for BET Awards Weekend. Not letting up any time soon, OG Kee recently won a competition that will take her to Miami for Rolling Loud weekend. 

Entering the last quarter of the year, OG Kee released her anticipated album “Unexpected Flow.” The title being a clear reflection of the diversity of the 12 tracks included on the masterpiece.  With this momentum, OG Kee traveled to San Diego and New Orleans to perform some of the fan favorite tracks. Voyage San Antonio and Big Break Magazine did articles on OG Kee and her new music. 

With a very successful year on her shoulders, OG Kee dropped another Christmas single, “Merry Christmas," this time showcasing her vocals. 

2024 started off strong for the artist with a new single, "Round & Round," released this January and the first performance of the year in front of A&R's, executives, and DJ's. 

Stay tuned for many more performances, appearances, visuals, and new music!

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